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Sleeve Anchors, Steel

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Part # DescriptionPrice
SFS025C0112Z 1/4 x 1-1/2 FLAT HD SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$62.75 (C )
SFS025C0200Z 1/4 x 2-1/4 FLAT HD SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$60.94 (C )
SFS025C0300Z 1/4 x 3-1/8 FLAT HD SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$88.77 (C )
SFS025C0400Z 1/4 x 4 FLAT HD SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$108.57 (C )
SFS025C525 1/4 x 5-1/4 FLAT HD SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$142.52 (C )
SFS037C0275Z 3/8 x 2-3/4 FLAT HD SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$107.46 (C )
SFS037C0400Z 3/8 x 4 FLAT HD SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$117.87 (C )
SFS037C0500Z 3/8 x 5 FLAT HD SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$140.89 (C )
SFS037C0600Z 3/8 x 6 FLAT HD SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$193.32 (C )
SHS025C0062Z 1/4x5/8 ACORN NUT SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$37.00 (C )
SHS025C0137Z 1/4x1-3/8 ACORN NUT SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$37.75 (C )
SHS025C0225Z 1/4x2-1/4 ACORN NUT SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$55.65 (C )
SHS031C0150Z 5/16x1-1/2 HEX NUT SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$53.22 (C )
SHS031C0250Z 5/16x2-1/2 HEX NUT SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$62.62 (C )
SHS037C0187Z 3/8x1-7/8 HEX NUT SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$53.40 (C )
SHS037C0300Z 3/8x3 HEX NUT SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$67.51 (C )
SHS037C0400Z 3/8 x 4 HEX NUT SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$105.96 (C )
SHS050C0250Z 1/2x2-1/4 HEX NUT SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$97.37 (C )
SHS050C0300Z 1/2x3 HEX NUT SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$112.62 (C )
SHS050C0400Z 1/2x4 HEX NUT SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$142.83 (C )
SHS050C0600Z 1/2 x 6 HEX NUT SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$210.56 (C )
SHS062C0225Z 5/8x2-1/4 HEX NUT SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$181.02 (C )
SHS062C0300Z 5/8x3 HEX NUT SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$194.73 (C )
SHS062C0425Z 5/8x4-1/4 HEX NUT SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$256.16 (C )
SHS062C0600Z 5/8 x 6 HEX NUT SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$317.67 (C )
SHS075C0250Z 3/4x2-1/2 HEX NUT SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$327.81 (C )
SHS075C0400Z 3/4x4 HEX NUT SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$404.81 (C )
SHS075C0625Z 3/4x6-1/4 HEX NUT SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$513.46 (C )
SHS075C0750Z 3/4x8-1/4 HEX NUT SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$583.58 (C )
SRS025C0200Z 1/4 x 2 ROUND HD SLEEVE ANCHOR-ZINC$64.95 (C )