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Hex Tap (Full Thrd) Bolt

ASTM A307-A Hex Bolts have a minimum tensile strength of 60 ksi and are intended for general applications. These bolts are fully threaded.

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Part # DescriptionPrice
HTB025C0100Z 1/4-20x1 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$7.42 (C )
HTB025C0125Z 1/4-20x1-1/4 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$9.04 (C )
HTB025C0150Z 1/4-20x1-1/2 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$12.45 (C )
HTB025C0175Z 1/4-20x1-3/4 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$14.49 (C )
HTB025C0200Z 1/4-20x2 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$15.99 (C )
HTB025C0225Z 1/4-20x2-1/4 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$17.37 (C )
HTB025C0250Z 1/4-20x2-1/2 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$19.91 (C )
HTB025C0275Z 1/4-20x2-3/4 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$22.59 (C )
HTB025C0300Z 1/4-20x3 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$24.54 (C )
HTB025C0350Z 1/4-20 x 3-1/2 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$29.70 (C )
HTB025C0400Z 1/4-20x4 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$33.68 (C )
HTB025C0450Z 1/4-20x4-1/2 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$38.58 (C )
HTB025C0500Z 1/4-20x5 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$43.47 (C )
HTB025C0550Z 1/4-20x5-1/2 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$47.59 (C )
HTB025C0600Z 1/4-20x6 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$51.77 (C )
HTB031C0125Z 5/16-18x1-1/4 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$13.64 (C )
HTB031C0150Z 5/16-18x1-1/2 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$15.81 (C )
HTB031C0175Z 5/16-18x1-3/4 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$23.23 (C )
HTB031C0200Z 5/16-18x2 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$20.94 (C )
HTB031C0225Z 5/16-18x2-1/4 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$28.91 (C )
HTB031C0250Z 5/16-18x2-1/2 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$29.82 (C )
HTB031C0300Z 5/16-18x3 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$37.40 (C )
HTB031C0350Z 5/16-18x3-1/2 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$45.24 (C )
HTB031C0400Z 5/16-18x4 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$51.70 (C )
HTB031C0500Z 5/16-18x5 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$64.44 (C )
HTB031C0600Z 5/16-18x6 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$76.56 (C )
HTB037C0125Z 3/8-16x1-1/4 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$17.80 (C )
HTB037C0150Z 3/8-16x1-1/2 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$20.35 (C )
HTB037C0175Z 3/8-16x1-3/4 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$30.66 (C )
HTB037C0200Z 3/8-16x2 *TAP* BOLT, ZINC$26.13 (C )