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Part # DescriptionPrice
DPI006S018 1/16x3/16 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$29.81 (C )
DPI006S025 1/16x1/4 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$29.81 (C )
DPI006S037 1/16x3/8 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$97.66 (C )
DPI006S050 1/16x1/2 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$31.46 (C )
DPI006S062 1/16x5/8 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$30.98 (C )
DPI006S075 1/16x3/4 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$33.05 (C )
DPI006S100 1/16x1 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$40.02 (C )
DPI009S025 3/32x1/4 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$25.08 (C )
DPI009S031 3/32x5/16 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$25.63 (C )
DPI009S037 3/32x3/8 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$25.63 (C )
DPI009S050 3/32x1/2 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$37.68 (C )
DPI009S062 3/32x5/8 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$24.94 (C )
DPI009S075 3/32x3/4 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$27.18 (C )
DPI009S100 3/32x1 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$28.32 (C )
DPI012S025 1/8x1/4 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$40.29 (C )
DPI012S037 1/8x3/8 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$16.90 (C )
DPI012S050 1/8x1/2 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$28.32 (C )
DPI012S062 1/8x5/8 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$17.35 (C )
DPI012S075 1/8x3/4 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$17.87 (C )
DPI012S087 1/8 x 7/8 DOWEL PIN - STANDARD$19.39 (C )
DPI012S100 1/8x1 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$20.80 (C )
DPI012S125 1/8x1-1/4 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$40.22 (C )
DPI012S150 1/8x1-1/2 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$25.29 (C )
DPI012S175 1/8x1-3/4 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$29.77 (C )
DPI012S200 1/8x2 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$54.31 (C )
DPI018S050 3/16x1/2 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$20.35 (C )
DPI018S062 3/16x5/8 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$20.80 (C )
DPI018S075 3/16x3/4 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$21.80 (C )
DPI018S087 3/16x7/8 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$23.32 (C )
DPI018S100 3/16x1 DOWEL PIN- STANDARD$24.32 (C )